• Giving you the skills to a lifetime of safe driving.
  • Your route to the freedom of the open road.
  • Learn how to drive - not just how to pass your test.

Professional driving lessons with a knowledgeable, friendly instructor.

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Qualified Driving Instructor

Qualified Driving Instructor

A high standard of tuition and Product support given by a

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

Approved Driving Instructor

with 16 years experience

Pick Up and Drop Off

Pick Up and Drop Off

At Key Skills, driving lessons will be conducted to suit the pupil as far as possible. Within reason pupils can be picked up and dropped off anywhere, thus combining lessons tuition with your transport requirements.
Friendly and Affordable

Friendly and Affordable

Driving Lessons at Key Skills are conducted in a friendly and professional manner at prices that are affordable. You get more from your driving lessons with Key Skills.

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Welcome to Key Skills.

Key Skills Driving School was founded in 2010 by Steve Underwood.

Steve started his journey to becoming a driving instructor in 2003. He completed his training with BSM in 2004. It was in 2010 when Key Skills was formed as he went out independently and there was no looking back. Helping many new learner drivers through the years to achieve the goal of passing their practical driving test. Sadly in 2022 my dad passed away, you are massively missed and I hope to continue your work and to do Key Skills proud.

My name is Michael Underwood and I started Driver Training in 2020.  It was Dads dream to build his company and add more ADI’s to the books. So when I started we were excited to get going. I qualified in 2021 and had the best role model to follow who had lots of experience, he was there to ask him anything. I hope to keep the reputation you started alive and to keep growing Key Skills, RIP dad. Love You

I am able to provide a high standard of tuition and support, my aim is not only to help my students obtain their full driving license but to better improve the image of new drivers.

I pride myself on my professionalism, knowledge, patient and punctuality, and therefore I am ideal for both the first time and experienced driver.

Key Skills Driving School

Driving school to the highest standards whilst maintaining affordable prices.